About Us

Fats and Oil Extraction for the Foods Processing Industry

FOX Commodities is a water treatment and further processing company formed in 2015 to specialize in liquid waste management solutions for animal processing, food manufacturing and livestock markets.  Through both internal and external resources, FOX has an extensive technical team with over 100 years in water treatment experience.  FOX utilizes the latest technology to mechanically treat liquid waste streams while recovering important commodities that are otherwise disposed of.

Our chemical-free treatment process helps customers reduce or eliminate chemical budgets, saves on hauling and disposal of costly sludge waste, and facilitates superior environmental compliance.  We own and operate our equipment and process material with experienced wastewater personnel.

We offer tailored solutions to meet our customers’ needs in a wide range of applications.  Our treatment systems are scalable and can service facilities with high or low volumes and varying contaminant loadings.   Our team is ready to help and understands how to develop a holistic wastewater solution to fit your needs.

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